10 Day Cruise to Cyclades

22 cruising hours

Day 1/1000-1100/Embarkation Alimos marina /1100/Departure /1300/Arrival at Kea Island/Vourkari port/ stay for 1 night
The Greek island of Kea has exceptional beaches and one of the best system of walking paths and trails of any Greek island

Day 2/1100/Departure /1300/Arrival at Siros Island/Ermoupoli port/ stay for 1 night
Syros is the island where Greek tradition and western influence come to a harmonious marriage. Ermoupoli (meaning “the city of Hermes”) is the island’s capital town.

Day 3-4/1100/Departure /1200/Arrival at Mykonos Island/ Tourlos port/ stay for 2 nights
Mykonos is part of a cluster of islands including Delos, Rhenia and some rocky islets. Mykonos, already inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. is Greece's most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades.

Day 5/1100/Departure 1230/Arrival at Paros Island/Naoussa Marina/ stay for 1 night
Paros is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. Naoussa is a old fishing village turned into a cosmopolitan top holiday destination. The village is characterized by its Venetian port and its many fish restaurants.

Day 6/1030/Departure /1115/Arrival at Naxos Island/stay for lunch /1500/Departure / 1630/Arrival at Ios Island/Ios port/ stay for 1 night
Ios island in Greece is a famous tourist destination, attracting visitors with its golden beaches and the characteristic Aegean architecture

Day 7/1100/Departure /1300/Arrival at Santorini Island/Vlixada marina/ stay for 1 night
According to legend, Santorini emerged from the depths of the sea. Opinion justified by the timeless activity of the undersea volcano and the geological topography of the island.

Day 8/1100/Departure /1430/Arrival at Milos Island/Adamas port/ stay for 1 night
Milos island in Greece, with its unique horse shoe-shape, set in the blue waters of the Aegean, boasts several of the best hotels in Cyclades bathed in radiant sunlight and scattered with small white houses

Day 9/1100/Departure /1230/Arrival at Sifnos Island/Kamares port/ stay for 1 night
Sifnos is located in the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the south-western Cyclades. The village of Kamares is situated 6, 5 km. from Apollonia and it is the port of Sifnos and the biggest coastal village of the island.

Day 10/1030/Departure /1130/Arrival at Serifos Island/ stay for lunch /1500/Departure /1630/ Arrival at Kithnos Island/ Merichas port/stay for 1 night
Kithnos island is also known by its residents as Thermia with its roots in the 12th century. This name relates to the natural hot springs that are in the area of Agia Irini and Loutraki.

Day 11/1000/Departure /1230/Arrival at Alimos Marina/Disembarkation